Tool Or Skill Set What Is Project Management

With such a variance in the ability of people who are referred to as project managers, a cynic may find it hard to believe that all project managers are capable of regularly delivering the majority of projects they undertake, to time, specification and budget. If such an anecdotal perception of project management performance is correct, how does this stack up against the so called ”professions”.

Similarly, there are many courses on management and many prestigious institutions around the globe provide an excellent education in management including practical examples of the application of management theory. But good or bad, training or no training, it seems anyone can be a manager. So if one is a manager, does that make a person a professional ? or if that person is a member of a recognized profession, does that person then have a management function or skill set ?

Unless there is a requirement for some form of legally sanctioned professional schooling, training and subsequent accreditation administered by recognized controlling bodies - similar to other recognized professions, that would ensure some kind of minimum standard or setting of grading of project managers - it is difficult to see how project management can rise above a skill set to be considered a “profession” in its own right, comparable with those other professions. I do not doubt the abilities of people who are professional at what they do, but just like management that does not equate that what they do makes project management a profession.

For sure across a number of different industries and occupations there are some people who specialize in project management and some of whom are exceptionally talented and well versed in the language and skill set of project management, with an enviable history of successful delivery of a wide variety of projects of differing levels of difficulty. But having said that, I firmly subscribe to the view that project management has some way to go before it can be considered as a recognized profession in the true sense of the word. Project Management for the time being is a very practical and useful business tool or skill set which some people have or are in the process of mastering and others have not and perhaps never will master.

By: Kile