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Responsibilities of the Project Manager Job   by John Nash

in Computers / Software    (submitted 2011-05-10)

Project management is very important and critical for any organization. Generally a project manager is responsible for handling the task accurately and effectively. He handles the overall accomplishment of the task and is accountable for ensuring objectives of the task's assignment, team member's performances, client's requirements and much more. When web based software was not used, the manager's job was at times overbearing and very difficult to manage. But when this type of software comes into use it provides many facilities to the task manager. Job responsibilities of the project manager are: To represent the client interest, to take the responsibility of planning and managing the task. He have to keeps a track on the progress of the task or make sure that this is completed within the assigned budget and on time. He maintains records of expenses, costing, accounting and billing. He handles the whole team, checks the performance of each employee, their attendance records etc.He is the responsible to see all the team members or employees maintain decorum and complete the organization goals and tasks on time. He is responsible for keeping the records on track. He is responsible for communicating well with all the team members and clients so that task is complete done properly and things get done on time.Those person who manage the project may have to manage more than one project at a time.

Another responsibility of project leader is that during the planning phase,managers define the project's scope,completion time and overall cost. He creates a plan in which he establishes goals,assigns tasks to individual team members, identifies project support and sets project deadlines. Project leader must schedule regular meetings and may also send status reports and memo to employees and clients who work outside the project team. For this, his communication skills must be clear and effective so that he communicates properly with team members and clients. The project manager needs to ensure that information delivered is timely, relevant, effective and understandable. Delayed or ineffective communication of critical information can lead to delays in the completion of the project. Also project manager's responsibility is to ensure that the project's scope of work is followed. After completing a project, project manager should conduct a meeting with the team members and review their original project plans to assess whether their team met the project's objectives within the set time or not. He evaluates the whole project and also discusses the result with team members.