Preparing Project Management Plan For Construction Projects


Prior to the start of construction works, Contractors really need to prepare a Site-specific Project Management Plan (PMP). The purpose of PMP is usually to make certain that ventures are delivered without delay, on budget and also to require superior standards.

Essential (particular) good quality standards come with the provision of;

- Quality Management Plan (QMP) presenting the management procedures that's needed to demonstrate its ability to persistently render product which matches customer and applied standard requisites;

- Safety Management Plan (SSMP) describing the health and safety techniques and operations which will apply during the construction level of the project; and

- Environmental Management Plan (CEMP) presenting the environmental control measures needed to lessen environmental blows throughout the construction level of the project.

Project plans may be required:

- Particularly for management of a project within the organisation; or

- At the beginning for attachment to a tender, and thereafter for management of the project

PMPs should be formulated based on prerequisites of:

- appropriate Australian criteria for the control over quality, OHS and environmental;

- appropriate OHS and Environmental legislation; and

- Contract requirements.


Ordinarily, the main contractor in a building project is responsible for designing and putting into effect proper PMPs. In the same manner, the primary contractor accounts for the management of subcontracted works.

Subcontractors on construction projects may work within the Main contractors’ PMP, or have their own PMP or a mixture of both; in every case the primary contractor is responsible for reviewing and approving subcontractors’ project management plan.

Contents of Project management plan

Contents of project management plans relies upon on the extent and intricacy of the venture; the following is a breakdown of a standard Project Management Plan:

Project description:

A short explanation of the scale of work linked to the agreement have to be documented. The information needs to be completely outlined to supply individuals not familiar with the agreement to recognize the sort of work being applied and under what conditions.

Company structure and management duties:

The PMP should define the project management team structure, obligations and positions of team members with targeted accountabilities in regard to quality, safety and environmental, standards and control solutions appropriate to the commitment to assure quality, OHS and environmental requirements are successfully addressed.

Communications Management

Nominate people responsible to liaise with building contractors, clientele, members of the public and workers.

Incident Management

The Project have to outline:

- who should be available (both during and outside of every day working hours) to stop, plan for, respond to and recover from illness/injury and incidents

- your actions for making contact with these persons, and any amendments to the nominations and operations, because they are kept latest, are presented and showed instantly on the work place

- managing to keep fitting details

- facts of how notifiable episodes will likely be alerted to Workcover

Emergency preparedness and response strategies

Define systems to respond to site mishaps

Injury management and incident investigation

Describe systems to deal with injuries, investigate situations and regulate return to work solution for injured employees

Instruction and expertise

Discuss techniques to discover training demands, and produce training plan for workers associated with the project

Consultation and participation

Summarise procedures to talk with people, contractors and invigorate their aide to create a secure working conditions

The next material have to be documented:

- Particulars of how the contractor consults with employees so they can play a role in the making of judgments compromising their own health, safety and wellbeing in the workplace.

- Factors of methods of the membership and operation of the Safety Committee if any

Subcontractor Management

Depict solution to decide on contractors and manage them on site

Control of documents and record

You need to illustrate tactics to control records created from the performing of your project and explain how project data files are made, retained and discarded based on particular criteria.

Additionally, you will have to come with a range of forms essential to record your day to day activities as required by the PMP

Non-conformance Control

Summarise tactics to deal with non-conforming materials, workmanship, unsafe acts and environmental harm


Describe systems to buy materials and services important to deliver the project

Inspection and testing

Explain inspection and testing essential to guarantee quality expectations of product delivered is not affected

Site Safety Rules