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Human Resource Management Specialists Help To Develop a Company   by Klaudia

in Education / College and University    (submitted 2011-01-21)

Human Resources Management departments carry out some of the most important tasks of any department in company. That's because the professionals within this field are responsible for hiring, training and ensuring employees are happy and productive in their respective jobs.

So what exactly do the duties of Human Resources Management specialists entail? The job begins with identifying staff vacancies, recruiting, interviewing and selecting applicants. Also HR managers provide current and prospective employees with information about policies, job duties, working conditions, wages, opportunities for promotion and employee benefits so that employees are clear on the company details. In addition, they also conduct new employee orientation and serve as the liaison between management and employees when handling questions about contracts and other work-related problems. On the other hand, Human Resources Management also has the duty of dealing with understaffing, refereeing disputes, firing employees and administering disciplinary procedures. Lastly, paperwork is also a part of this position. It involves business administration such as maintaining records, compiling statistical reports concerning personnel-related data, analyzing reports to identify causes of personnel problems, and more.

Your road to a position in Human Resources Management begins with Centennial College's three-year program, which results in an Ontario College Advanced Diploma. In order to apply for the program, you must present at minimum an Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) or equivalent or be 19 years of age or older. In addition, you must possess the compulsory English 12C or U or skills assessment, or equivalent and the Math 11C, M or U, or 12C or U or skills assessment, or equivalent.

The college's unique approach in training students to become experts in Human Resources Management sees a focus on: human planning, recruitment, selection, orientation, employee training and development, occupational health and safety, compensation and benefits, employee relations, labour relations and human resource management systems. In addition to these standard topics, current trends are covered as is diversity, human rights, the promotion of positive union and management relations. The program also balances the Human Resources aspects with business administration through training on how to analyze and interpret financial and accounting information for decision-making purposes. Finally, the use of integrated human resource systems software and computer skills to manage information and support decision-making is taught. This teaching is facilitated through the use of microcomputer training in popular business software such as Excel, Access and SAP.

There are many benefits in attending this program at Centennial College. First and foremost, the first three semesters of the Human Resources Management are common to all business programs, which provides you with a good overview of business administration before you being to specialize in one area. It also gives you the opportunity to switch majors if you realize that this program is not for you. If you choose to stay in the program and achieve the minimum C grade average (2.0 GPA) needed to graduate, you may be eligible to participate in an articulated program with selected universities, institutes and professional associations. These partnerships allow graduates to apply academic credit towards further study. The Human Resources Management program's partners include: Athabasca University, Lakehead University, Northwood University U.S.A., Royal Roads University, Ryerson University, and University of Lethbridge.