Effective Project Management

Efficient project management software accomplishes very differently shaped projects equally well. This includes integrated programme, asset and property management accessible to geographically dispersed teams. This software is valuable insofar as it is customizable without losing its aptitude to go to the point. There are several major benefits of using an effective management suite.

Firstly, it is entirely web-based. This way, virtual teams can communicate within a highly sensitive and supportive environment. The project management software features a highly customizable home page. This allows every team member to access all the information he requires without being bothered with information not directly connected to his specifically assigned tasks.

The project manager has all access to project scheduling and to all information the project circulates and the possibility to prioritize and customize the fashion after which this is displayed. The essence of such software is collaborative planning, covered with the aid of reports and dashboards as well as with the way in which the workflow itself is handled.

Team members have access to a comprehensive helpdesk, which handles their service and maintenance requests and notifies the relevant users, and a questionnaire module. Not only direct answers are provided here, but a whole circulation of relevant information is triggered, again with automatic email notification. Users can create folders to store document files and can select multiple users to access these, with automatic messages notifying all implied users on every consequent change.

Therefore, another asset of this suite is the rich functionality of its basic version, with a large palette of extra facilities delivered freely by request. The management instruments refer to the major aspects of every project to be managed: orders and invoices, resources, documents, fees, issues and risks, performance, tasks.

The innovative fee management instrument provided by this suite would display fees in connection to resources. Issue and risk management include visual charts displayed and automated message sending. The basic tracking instruments refer to budget, expenses and time.

The project management suite successfully recognizes, operates, memorizes and reuses different workflows, ranging from popular ready-made systems like PRINCE2, to entirely custom-designed ones. Reusing an operation from a previous workflow also implies fully updated support information made available.