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A third party aircraft fleet management team will take a fleet of military, government or OEM aircraft and completely manage all facets of operations. Hiring experts in will improve scheduling, increase aircraft life, and reduce operating costs. An program is a performance based service, covering operating, engineering, materials, annual and long term maintenance planning. involves coordination, performance monitoring and reporting. Specialists will cover integration, fleet worthiness, configurations and modification management. Selecting the right third party, company to work with your fleet, should be carefully selected. Important aspects to consider are the facilities and its location, experience of the team, and the company's connections within the aircraft community.

An Company that Flies Higher than the Rest

Cascade Aerospace is a third party, Transport Canada-approved aircraft maintenance facility, located with airside access to Abbotsford Airport in British Columbia, Canada. Cascade Aerospace has earned the reputation in the aircraft community for their commitment to providing the best customer service and satisfaction, in their state-of-the-art 230 000 square foot facility. Leading with a knowledgeable team, and management with a combined one hundred years of experience, the program is a trusted and respected service in the airline industry.

Aircraft Fleet Management Facilities

Since the construction of Cascade's facilities in 2000, the facility, which accommodates eight narrow-body aircraft, has been sought after for its multiple built in efficiencies:

- Hangar floor computers. Quick access to technical data and parts ordering

- Automated tool and part delivery to the shop floor

- Bar-coded time and materiel management system

- Vending machines that allocate consumables to each job

- Overhead cranes. Easy removal of engines, tails and stabilizers