Advanced Pain Management In New York City

Advanced pain management and rehabilitation centers in New York City offer the latest pain management treatment for both acute and chronic pain. Usually, these centers adopt an innovative approach integrating the services of specialists from different medical disciplines. Such an approach has been found to be more effective in managing pain, and helping the sufferers to lead a normal lifestyle.

Pain Management Specialists and Treatment

Most of the medical facilities in NYC have pain management specialists including a psychiatrist, neurologist, orthopedist, chiropractor and physical therapist. Once the condition of the patient is ascertained, they work together to formulate an effective treatment plan. Almost all musculoskeletal and even neurological conditions that may be related to the pain can be treated.

Sophisticated diagnostic modalities are used to identify the severity of the patient’s condition. Today, modern pain relieving techniques, therapies and medications are used judiciously by pain management specialists to ensure fast treatment and relief. Some of these include:Behavioral TherapiesProlotherapyTranscutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS)Radiofrequency Radio AblationTrigger Point InjectionsNSAIDsNarcotic MedicationsManual TechniquesTherapeutic Exercise

All these help in suppressing or relieving pain experienced in the back, neck, arm, shoulder, hip and legs. Even certain medical disorders and ailments with varying intensity of pain such as arthritis, nerve pain, herniated disc and migraine headaches can be brought under control in a relatively short treatment time.

If the root cause of pain is found to be an overstressed or sedentary way of living, then lifestyle counselors would advise patients and guide them in the proper way. They would take all-out efforts to ensure that patients are kept well informed of their condition and take remedial or precautionary measures to prevent relapse.

Take Control of Pain