Acquiring The Right Project Management Skills

Acquiring the righ Project Management Skills - A Wise Career Move

Project Management is knowing how to see a project through from its initial stage of conceptualization to the finalized stage of execution. Attaining project management skills can work miracles for your career.

In the life cycle of a Project

A project is very different from operations management which involves repetitive jobs that are carried out on a ongoing. A project is a temporary initiative which is unique in nature. Every project has a certain lifecycle which has been identified below.

It starts with initiation where the project is selected after the evaluation of a number of factors. This is followed by the planning which is an intensive stage where you need to identify all the work that needs to get done and the deadlines by which they need to be accomplished. This stage also involves the allocation of a budget. The execution stage follows next, where the actual work is done and the project is brought to life. The monitoring and control stage inspects and evaluates the project, and finally you have the wrapping up and closing of the project.

What Skills Does a Project Manager Need ?

As a project manager, the onus of the success of the project depends on his shoulder. You can imagine what a position of responsibility he holds. There are nine project management skills that have been identified, which are as follows:

1. Integration Management

2. Time Management

3. Scope Management

4. Human Resource Management

5. Procurement Management

6. Cost Management

7. Risk Management

8. Quality Management

9. Communications Management

Of these nine skills, there are some that need only a cursory familiarity while others require more in-depth knowledge and even mastery.

Why Do You Need These Skills?